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The Review finally!!   
02:50pm 11/07/2007
Four times in one week.Collapse )
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Dir en Grey show. :D   
06:22pm 26/02/2007
mood: rejuvenated
Dir en Grey Review. Date: 2/25/07. Where: The Fillmore in San Francisco. Collapse )
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10:07am 25/02/2007
mood: ecstatic
I'm leaving right now to go see Dir en Grey live.


they've been my favorite band for 5 years.

I'm so psyched.
I'm so excited.   
11:28pm 21/12/2006
  I FINALLY get to see Dir en Grey. You guys have no idea how psyched I am.

Febuary 25th,2007
The Fillmore, San Francisco.
$29.00, General Admin.
so fucking excited. I've liked them forever.

I bought all my friends tickets today at once and spent $230.
Totally worth every penny.

AND i'm getting a promotion. I'm becoming a checker. At SaveMart, I mean Albertsons. I love my fucking job.

ANDDD next semsters schedule:

Psych 1A
Anthro 1.
Asian Philsophy.
09:37am 09/11/2006
  I dropped all my classes because I can't handle stress.
And if I want to do school, I want to do it well. not 1/2 assed.
And I don't want to work less because I love my job and the people I work with.
So next semester I'm going to try again, but with classes that fit my career choice...which is nothing yet. :D.
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Zombie Party.   
10:53pm 29/10/2006
  Zombie Party 2006!Collapse )  
School Schedule.   
12:25pm 11/08/2006
mood: busy
History 1.1
Philsophy 8-Comparative Religon.
Georgraphy 3.
English 1A.
Italian 1.
17 units.
I'm so psyched. Geography 3 requires a coloring book.
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Update, bitches   
07:17pm 27/05/2006
mood: hyper
Well, its time for an update. I haven't done so for like, a year..hahaha.

Bye-bye birdie was the best thing in thing in my life EVER. It was the most fun, I've seriously ever had. We put on a great production, and we filled our house almost every night, and our house can hold 600, which is good for a highschool play :D
I made alot of new friends. Everyone was so great, I really couldn't have had a better time.

Prom was fun, even though we stayed for like an hour tops. I love my dress. Two weeks before prom I looked everywhere for one. I was being really REALLY picky about it, so I knew I was never going to find one. So instead, my mom made one :D, and it was wonderful.

A week before prom, I decided I wanted my hair blonde again. So I bleached it once, and it turned out a copper/yellow/white situation. So the next day, I bleached it AGAIN. LIKE AN IDIOT. I rinsed it out, and when I started brushing it out, it starting FALLING OUT. I lost 1/2 my bangs, alot of other hair! So I had to chop it off, and I dyed it back black..I will NEVER bleach my hair ever again.

But hey on my last report card, I got 3.7. Which is awesome.

My new hair!Collapse )
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January 3rd, The Gilman   
01:53am 05/02/2006
  2.3.06 The GilmanCollapse )  
12-14-05 Bottom of the Hill   
07:03pm 15/12/2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Bottom of the Hill 12-14-05Collapse )
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08:35pm 25/11/2005
mood: relaxed
Mariah ate Thanksgiving at my house. It was awesome.
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South Park >D   
05:10pm 01/11/2005
mood: tired
Guess who XD

South parkCollapse )
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My weekend :D   
10:30pm 25/09/2005
mood: busy
This weekend was the best weekend ever. Three Phenomanauts shows in one weekend :D
On sunday I took pictures. These are at there parking space of a stage they played at, in the "how berkely can you be?" fest, in uh, berkeley.

Pictures :DCollapse )
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Rest in Peace.   
02:03pm 23/05/2005
mood: indescribable
Rest in Peace Robert Allen Miller. You were a great friend of mine and I will miss you always. We all will love you forever. ♥♥♥
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10:53pm 20/08/2004
mood: sick

Friends only.

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